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Coming from an old style cell phone to the iPhone 4S is a really big jump. Whereas my last phone was pretty much all about the phone, the iPhone has almost been the total opposite for me. I have spent very little time on phone calls, but a lot of time looking for apps and playing with those apps.

So far the most important app I have experiment with is Net Speed Test. This test the Wi-Fi speed that we are receiving in our current location, and creates a log of these. For example, when I test wi-fi at home over four tests, I get an average of about 400 kbps download and 340 Upload. The same test in WE Block averages 80 kbps download and 7000 upload.

This no doubt contributed to difficulties experience in our last iPad meeting when we all started to use our wi-fi devices together this data is divided and shared resulting in a failure of Lesley’s wi-fi to TV, and the demonstrating of many apps that need to be connected by wi-fi.

I have also been looking at the external devices that are being manufactured for the iPhone. To name a few – Tripods, cases, Zoom and Fish eye lenses, car and bike holders, a remote controlled helicopter and a plug in thermostat for checking if your roast is cooked. Although some accessories seem a little gimmicy , I would love to use the helicopter (controlled from iPhone or iPad) as it has an on board video camera which could be used for a unique video project.

So far, the most important thing has been it’s size. As an owner of an iPad, which I love for it’s big hi-res screen. I know I can get most of the same apps on both, but the size of the iPhone means that it is more likely that I will have it on me when I need it. At a basic level of always having a camera and video camera on you at all times is incredibly useful.  I have found the ability to take snapshots of important things going on in class such as creating student name list on the white board when doing group assessment. A quick snapshot of the 19 names means I have a clear record of who was in each group, but more importantly, this now takes seconds and does not disrupt the flow of the class. These photos are synced to the Cloud and I can review these later when marking.

Overall, my first couple of weeks have gone well, and I look forward to seeing what I discover next.

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iPad – Getting Started

After the initial worries of breaking or scratching my iPad, I like everyone else set out to find a cover to protect it. This was not difficult. Electronic store everywhere have a wide range of products. Despite that, I found Apples magnetic cover, in leather, just too cool, so I went for that.

Unlike early electronic devices that only perform a few simple tasks, the iPad by contrast is the polar opposite. The vast array of apps and options available is not only a bit daunting, but it ends up giving each user a very different, customised experience. My experience so far has been very positive. 

From my way of seeing this, it will all get very academic as we get going, so it is best to start with some fun apps just to get familiar with using the device. I have so far had a lot of fun with, Talking Tom, Angry Birds, Wig it, Age Scanner, Gaze, and My Fish 3D.  I use the Timer App to time my boiled eggs in the morning, Super alarm looks great for an out of town travel clock.

If you like astronomy, Moon globe is pretty cool.  MultiCamPlus give photos from the motorway cameras around town.

More work related, I have been looking at Time Lapse, which offer some really great options for setting up time lapse photography, and Stop Motion, which sequences photos into a timeline.

I have also downloaded Sketchbook and DrawPro, Papes and Keynote, which I also believe will be useful to my teaching but have yet had time to explore these. 

As a participant of the iPhone group, I found adding contacts on the iPad much easier, then syncing this to the iPhone using the Cloud to get contacts onto my phone. 

Lastly for now, I am also really enjoying using the iPad to browse the internet as the screen makes it quite practical for this purpose.

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